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Meaning and types of malware.

So far, most famous as a software and destructive programs and intruders
is a virus. But the actual virus is just one of the program
bullies who made goal is to disrupt and undermine the performance of
computer and the files generated by the computer. In addition to viruses, it is still
many variants of nuisance programs which will now be discussed a bit.

Meaning Definition / Definition of Virus and colleagues (variant virus):

1. Meaning Definition / Definition of Computer Viruses
A computer virus is a computer program that duplicates or duplicate

themselves by inserting a copy or copies of itself to the storage medium or
documents as well as into the network secretly without the knowledge of the user
that computer. The effects of computer viruses are very diverse ranging from only appear
strange messages to damage the computer and delete our files or documents.

2.Arti Definition / Definition of Variant Viruses Worms, Trojans and Spyware
Worm is a potential security weaknesses or loopholes in our computer
allows computers are infected with the virus without having to execute a file that
generally occurs on the network.
Trojan is a program that allows our computer controlled others
through the network or the Internet.
Spyware is an application that leaked the information data or behavioral habits
users in using the computer to outside parties without us knowing it. Usually
used by the party advertisers.

If we look for obstructions on the storage medium such as a file called strange
we never make or file is not the type of application or application but
admitted as an application then do not we click, we go or we run in order
computer viruses are not transmitted to the computer that we use.

The signs / Computers We Traits Affected / Infected by Computer Virus:
Computer running slower than normal
Often out error messages or odd-odd
Change the display on a computer
Storage media such as floppy disks, flash, and so on directly copying the files weird without our coffee when we connect to the computer.
Like the computer restarts itself or crashes while it is running.
Like the message or writing strange
Computer hangs or stops responding to us.
Hard drive not accessible
Printers and other devices can not be used even though no hardware problems and software drivers.
Often there is a menu or dialog box that error or damaged.
The loss of some basic functions of computers.
Computer trying to connect themselves with the Internet or a network without our order.
Files that we store on computers or storage media away or hidden viruses. and others …
Sample forms of media spread of computer viruses from one computer to computer


Storage media (floppy, flash, external hard disk, zipdisk, cd, dvd, bluray disc, cartridge, etc.)
Network lan, wan, man, the internet and so forth.
File attachment or a file attachment in email or other electronic messages.
Software files (software) virus-ridden computer.
The most effective way that we are not exposed to computer viruses is to install computer programs which are original or not original, not pirated a virus ridden and friends, do not connect your computer to the network or the internet, and never open or execute files from the computer other.
But way too extreme and less slang in everyday computer use because usually we do the exchange of data or files with another computer in the form of job files, image files, file attachments, music files, video files, and so forth.

So to avoid our computer got a virus infected and then we must be vigilant in its interaction with the file from another computer, the files from storage media from others, email attachments, file exchange network, our computer security holes, and others.Attach a good antivirus that is updated regularly to network and firewall program and anti spyware and adware to tackle other types of computer trouble.


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