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Processor Types, Advantages and disadvantages.

Proecessor is part of the mind of a computer. Although it is part of the main thought, the processor must also be equipped with other devices. Processor is often called microchipset. Physically small shape, but has great functionality.

Processor has been there since 1978, and continues to have progress to date. Different types of processor such as microprocessor 4004, 8008 Microprocessor, Intel386 Microprocessor, Intel486 DX CPU Microprocessor, Intel Pentium Processor, Intel Pentium II Processor, and Intel Pentium III Processor.

In this era of rapidly evolving technologies that increasingly today, the long-processor is very difficult to find. Instead, several existing processors include the Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.73GHz, Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, Intel Core Duo, Intel Core Duo i3, i5 Intel Core Duo, Intel Core Duo and i7.

For more details, let us simplify the types of processor that is suitable for the Windows operating system. Because there are few computers or laptops that use the Mac operating system and do not use this processor.

Brand processor is from Intel and AMD. The types of Intel processors that are currently often used in a computer or laptop is the Intel Core Duo. Meanwhile, for processors with AMD, the most frequently used is the AM2 Athlon X2 and Phenom.

In the meantime, if you want to see the comparison as well as the advantages and disadvantages on the Intel and AMD processors are often used on devices or laptop computers today are:

Performance of Intel processors always look good and faster.Especially when looking at Dual Core processor which also consists of several parts such as Intel Dual Core i3, Intel Dual Core i5, Intel Dual Core i7. Meanwhile, AMD processors are still not able to give good performance of its products.

Until now Intel has not had a chip that is able to instruct and processing of the 3D view. Meanwhile, AMD is able to produce a more appealing graphic quality with 3D.

Intel processors are able to manage the temperature and the temperature when it works. Meanwhile, AMD processors still have limits. This makes it superior to the Intel processor AMD processor.

Intel has not been able to show a good quality audio in their applications. Meanwhile, AMD is much better showing good results. The audio quality is meant is some communication applications such as file transfer, modem connection, and others.

Transistors that process all data at the computer or laptop that uses Intel’s less than the AMD processor.

When Intel released a new processor, then it must be adapted to its motherboard. Meanwhile, AMD processors do not need to do so.

Intel’s processor pricing is much more expensive than AMD processors.

After learning all kinds of differences of each processor, it is time we choose a processor in accordance with the requirements on the device or laptop computer.


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